Voodoo Authentica™ Cultural Center & Collection is located in the Historic New Orleans French Quarter at 612 rue Dumaine. Since 1996 we have been providing Authentic Ritual Entertainment, a complete line of Voodoo Dolls and Crafts, Voodoo Spells, Spiritual Work & Consultations by experienced practitioners, and much more!

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(1) Do Voodoo Dolls really work? I'm very interested, but I'm a beginner.. which Voodoo Dolls should I get?

Yes, Voodoo Dolls do work! In New Orleans we use Voodoo Dolls as focusing tools - they help us to enrich our lives with Love, Prosperity, Good Health and many other positive influences. It is actually you the practitioner, who "works" the doll or any other magickal tool.

Through focused creative visualization, you can truly achieve just about any positive purpose. Voodoo Authentica offers a selection of over 100 authentic Voodoo Dolls, made & blessed by our wonderful group of local New Orleans Folk  Artists, Spiritualists, Healers and Voodoo Practitioners.  Each individual on our team has been sought out because of the time, love, energy and care which they put into the creation of every unique item.

AS a beginner, you may want to try our basic, general purpose New Orleans, Voodoo Doll. If you'd like to get a lot of practitioner-made items (including a doll) with complete instructions for a great value, we highly suggest our Voodoo Authentica Ritual Kit.  It contains all the materials you'll need to do your own Voodoo Ritual, including:

Voodoo Authentica's Handmade & Blessed Small New Orleans Voodoo Doll
Voodoo Ritual Mini Stick Candles
Voodoo Authentica's Hand-Blended & Blessed Practitioner-Made Potion Oil
Voodoo Authentica's Practitioner Made & Blessed Mini Gris Gris (Mojo) Bag
Voodoo Ritual Mini Incense Sticks
Parchment Paper, Black Spanish Moss & Complete Instructions.

To seriously enhance your knowledge of Voodoo & Magick, we also highly recommend that you read the book, "Jambalaya" by Vodou Priestess Luisah Teish.  Born & raised in New Orleans, Teish is an amazing practitioner/author and a dear personal friend. I can't say enough about the wealth of information contained within the pages of "Jambalaya" - numerous practical rituals are outlined in detail, there are charts on how to build alters, to all of the primary Orisha (African Spirit Forces), several recipes for Spiritual Baths and other Magickal Items appear throughout the book. For the beginner or the advanced practitioner, "Jambalaya" is simply a must have.  Hope this info helps-we wish you great success on your path

(2) Hi, I was curious about ordering a 'clay head' voodoo doll. Although, I was wondering........where in the world do you GET the real hair to place on the doll?

When we say the clay head doll may be ordered with actual hair or painted hair; we simply mean that hair is actually affixed to the doll's head and not painted on. It is not real hair, it's synthetic. We would not use real hair, which contains a person's energy, unless it was sent to us by our client who ordered the doll. Hope this answers your question!

(3) What is the difference between a male voodoo doll and a female voodoo doll?

Hi, thanks so much for your inquiry! If a doll is being made to affect change in a specific person's life, it will be made to resemble them as much as possible. In those cases, it is not usually difficult at all to sex the doll. Some practitioners will use hair & nail clippings from the individual and many are even made to be anatomically correct. Many times, a doll is created with its intended purpose in mind and not its sex, so it's not always easy to tell just by looking at the doll, if it is male or female. A pink doll with very large breasts and obvious, exaggerated female genitalia is more than likely for fertility. A doll with a large penis which has a black pin stuck directly in its privates was more than likely made by a "folk magician" to keep the man faithful. If it's purpose & sex are not apparent by merely looking at the doll, then rely on your instincts -- they don't often fail you. Truly look at & "feel out" a doll intended for or already used in magick and it will just about always have a story to tell. Hope this answers your question!

4) I am about to give a speech on Voodoo dolls and am having a hard time understanding the how the pins are used. I have done a lot of research and it is hard to find detailed info. Please help me anyway possible. Thank you, Stephanie

First of all, not everyone uses pins in Voodoo dolls; many practitioners of magick do not. When they ARE used, their purpose is to act as a focusing tool to help the practitioner focus their healing energy into particular areas of the doll. Also consider reading the excellent reference book Jambalaya by Luisah Teish. Hope this info helps. Good luck with your project!

(5) Do Voodoo Authentica Dolls and other Voodoo objects do harm or hurt people?

None of the Voodoo Authentica Dolls or other items should be feared. Only "good energy" is put into the dolls as they are being made and we can be sure of this, because we know all of the local New Orleans Artists, Spiritualists, Healers and/or Voodoo Practitioners, who make them personally. They are all close and trusted friends who we respect and who definitely are "people of light."

(6) What is the difference of how voodoo dolls are made today and how they were first made?

Essentially, Voodoo dolls/effigies are made in much the same way now as they were in ancient times. A practitioner uses materials which are indigenous to their area and readily available. The materials used to construct the doll are as varied as the many regions in which dolls were and still are constructed. You'll see dolls of clay, cotton, mud, moss, straw, hair (animal & human), and combinations of these and many other materials, depending on where you are in the world.

The doll's intended purpose also effects the look of the doll and how it is made; another ancient practice still used today. Ex: A fertility doll will still often have exaggerations of the female form. Basically, the purpose of a doll can, and usually does, effect the practitioner's choice of color, look, materials, etc., when creating a doll/effigy. Sometimes, these images are also made for general purposes; so that they can represent a particular person and their many needs and desires, often through a lifetime!

(7) How would I go about making a Voodoo Doll? What are the necessities in the production of a Voodoo Doll?

You can use just about anything to make a doll. Traditionally, Voodooists have used what is indigenous to their area. For us in Louisiana, it's a lot of moss used as stuffing, sticks from local trees to form a cross as a base for the doll which we wrap the moss around and cotton or other natural fabric wrapped around the base and moss to create a head and "clothes." We often include a personal item of the individual we are trying to affect with the doll. We use the completed doll as a focusing tool to create positive changes in our lives and the lives of others in need of assistance. Good luck in creating your own dolls! Voodoo Authentica offers a selection of 60+ authentic Voodoo dolls with instructions.

(8) Do Voodoo Dolls really work? Which doll(s) should I get?

Yes, Voodoo dolls do work!! But it is you as the practitioner who "works" the doll or any other focusing tool. Voodoo Authentica suggests that you order a full Voodoo Ritual Kit, instead of a doll on its own, so that you may familiarize yourself with some magickal basics that are included in the kit's instructions. It is highly recommend that you read the book Jambalaya by Voodoo Priestess Luisah Teish, in order to gain a better understanding of what focusing tools, such as dolls, are used for and how they are used.

Voodoo Authentica offers a selection of 60+ authentic Voodoo dolls with instructions. Each doll is made by local New Orleans Artists, Spiritualists, Healers and/or Voodoo Practitioners. Each of these individuals has been sought out because of the time, love, energy and care which they put into the creation of each and every unique item. If you follow the instructions that come with each doll, you and the dolls will work your magick together.

(9) I tried to make a "real" Voodoo doll the other day for the first time. Several of my friends were laughing at me. Recently, someone has done a great wrong towards me - should I use the doll against them, or should I just forget about it. I don't want the person HURT, I just want them to be taught a lesson. Thanx!

Thanks so much for your inquiry. First of all, I think its great that you're being creative and making your own doll to use for magick. It's usually best to keep your magick private & to yourself. There's really no reason to show everyone your doll or tell them all about your workings. Since some of your friends have already seen and made fun of the doll, this should give you a pretty good indication of the support level you can expect from that group. It would be silly to share any more of your thoughts about magick with this particular group - you already know where they're coming from. If you're the kind of person who really enjoys group activities and doesn't like doing things alone, then look for a group of positive, like minded people who are exploring alternative religions & magick. If you don't need a group, practice on your own - there are rewards to be gained both ways.

Just remember to keep it positive - this leads me to the answer of the latter part of your inquiry. We don't recommend that you allow negative energy to be sent from you to this person - you've got your Karma to consider. Try to use your doll and other tools for positive purposes. This person's wrongdoing to you is "Karmic insurance" that they will be "taught a lesson." You don't have to lift a finger. However, if this individual continues to be a threat to you, I would recommend doing a reversal. You can get a reversal candle from us here at Voodoo Authentica (www.voodooshop.com) or at a local botanica in your area. Write the person's name in the candle - anoint it with an appropriate oil, olive oil will do - do this in a counterclockwise motion. Burn the candle on a Saturday, under the waning moon, as you chant the following again and again:

"All harmful intent you meant for me returns to you (insert person's name) times three!!!"

In this way, you are simply acting as a "mirror," reflecting all the negativity back to the original sender. The person will only receive back what he/she has sent out. Protecting yourself is important - just try to do it the best way you can so that you can continue to feel good about yourself. If you're interested in learning more, we have a great book called "Jambalaya" by Vodou Priestess Luisah Teish - it's an incredible overview that tells you all the basic ins and outs of the practice. Hope this helps - good luck on your path!

(10)If my blood is on a doll and it's my doll - if I use it again, will it affect me badly or just the person I'm using the doll on?

Hi - Thanks so much for your inquiry. Your question about blood on a doll is a bit vague. Basically, if you use your doll for positive purposes, whether for yourself or another person, that positive energy goes into the Universe and comes back to you. If you use it for negative purposes, than the same Law of Karma applies - you will receive negative energy back. That is the bottom line law to keep in mind when practicing magick of any kind - whether using dolls, gris gris, candles - whatever your chosen tool. Hope this info helps



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